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Web Design, Development and Consultation

Our Last 5 Websites

Who Designs Websites Watertown Webdesign NY
Duffy Books USA
Buffalo, Ithaca, NY , New York, Confer Plastics
Confer Plastics, Inc.
Sand Hill Construction Web Design Watertown
Sand Hill Construction
Watertown Webdesign web design graphics
Universe Cellular & Dish
Syracuse Web Design CNY Webdesign
Mattress Express

History of Web Design, Development and Consultation

nevermore design web design watertown NY

Jim Illingworth Millwork

The company no longer hosts with Nevermore Design and since then changed the design of their site. You can see screen captures of the site design by clicking the thumbnail.

nevermore design web design watertown NY

Gouverneur Physical Therapy

A top physical therapy office wanted to have their storefront on the internet. Built with the most powerful and versatile CMS WordPress, you can read more about this site by clicking the thumbnail.

TIA Habitat Watertown Jefferson County Web Design

Thousand Islands Area for Humanity

We were approached by Northern New York’s Habitat for Humanity to build and maintain their website. Nevermore Design volunteered their time and server space. They were forced into an organizational template early 2014.

NNY Lawns WayNorth Web NeverMore

NNY Lawns C/O WayNorth Web

Web developer WayNorth Web hired NeverMore Design to design the front end of NNY lawns. This was built in Joomla! Together, the website was built and now is active here:

Burns Photography and formal wear

Burns Photography C/O Waynorth Web

Web developer WayNorth Web hired NeverMore Design to design the front end of Burns Photography’s website. The site was built and Joomla. Together, the website was built and now is active here:

Confer Plastics Pool Ladders North Tonawanda NY

Confer Plastics, Inc.

Confer Plastics is a manufacturing company in North Tonawanda NY. All of their products are 100% made in the U.S. I am currently their Web Master and occasionally develop graphics for them. I am hoping I can design and develop a new website for them that will be easier for Vice President Bob Confer to update. We did not design this site.

Resolution Center of Watertown, Jefferson county lewis

Resolution Center for Jefferson / Lewis Counties

WayNorth Web and NeverMore Designs worked together to compile this versatile yet striking website for a great organization. Resolution Center of Jefferson and Lewis Counties desperately needed to upgrade their website and they hired Mark Holberg of WayNorth Web to build it. Together, the website was built and now is active here:Resolution Center of Jefferson Lewis Counties(

Thousand Islands area for Habitat for Humanity

Elect Caughling For City Judge

WayNorth Web and NeverMore Designs teamed up to design this website for a hopeful Watertown City Court Judge candidate. Development, to design to launch took a little less than 2 weeks, and we already have great feedback. Great work by Mark Holberg of WayNorth Web! Designed in CMS Joomla! Site removed after election.

Hospice of Jefferson County

WayNorth Web and NeverMore Design combined to create the website for Hospice of Jefferson County. We incorporated a ground up website created in Joomla! The clients loved the site and they assist in keeping the site up to date. The website has since been redesigned by a different company.

The Kevin Report .v2

The Kevin Report is currently shut down. You can read more about it HERE. This was originally NeverMore Design’s layout when we were first approached by Universe Companies, Inc. I have the opportunity to redesign the site before my knowledge of the shut down. As you can see this design makes much more sense but was never in service. A version can be found at :The Kevin Report (

The Kevin Report (original)

Universe Companies, Inc approached me to develop, design and build them a website to compete with Newzjunky. We offered a business model with a sleek classy design. This website was built under the strict guidelines of Universe Companies. The functionality of the site was very good and the content was the best in the area. After 9 months of the old design, the website was redesigned (see above).

Midnight Hollow paranormal NeverMore Design

Midnight Hollow

Midnight Hollow was a project NeverMore Designs undertook in late 2010. After weeding through hundreds of paranormal videos, stories and images that were fake or hoaxed, the idea came about to create a site to showcase events that were NOT hoaxed. The difference in this site is to allow the viewer to make their own decision and to pick out videos, images and/or stories that were in the realm of believability. You can visit this site here :Midnight Hollow – Redefining the Paranormal (

Carthage Free Library NeverMore Design

Carthage Free Library

Carthage Free Library contacted us in regards to a website design. After a few meetings, a design was agreed upon and NeverMore Design developed the website. They wanted a website that was simple but worked with their new logo they had created. After a few versions, the final version was approved and uploaded. They had to conform to a template so the site is no longer published.

GYMO PC, Architecture, Engineering & Land Surveying, P.C.

GYMO Architecture, Engineering & Land Surveying, P.C.

WayNorth Web and NeverMore Designs worked together to create this dynamic website that is very clean and professional. GYMO PC hired WayNorth Web to develop a new interactive website that clients can easily navigate and allow the firm to update themselves without help from a web developer. This website can update images, news stories and updates to the website by just an administrator of the firm! The Website has undergone changes since my last work on it. The current work is NOT of NeverMore Design.

K2 Designs NeverMore Design

K2 Designs – Kory Robbins

K2 Designs was looking for a website so they can have an online presence. They approached NeverMore Design for a website. They were looking for something vintage and simple to show their pricing and work. After a few versions a final draft was approved and uploaded. Kory is no longer in business, the site was taken down.

Other and the Way way waaayyy back clients

Some other clients I have worked with in the past include: Self Be True Another e-commerce site for local artisans, web development and graphics. GMFL (Madden League) Forums and Webdesign NCLS (North Country Library System) out of Jefferson County: Brochures, graphics and consulting. R.P. Fedder Corp. (HVAC sales and representative) out of Western New york: built a website, graphics, linecards and advertisements. Royal Sun Alliance (insurance – out of business) out of North Carolina: Instruction manuals, graphics and form creations. B-Kwik Markets (convenient stores) out of Niagara County NY: Advertisements and Catalog work. Adrienne Wilkinson (Actress): Website, banners, promotions and graphics. Portfolio Perfect (Online Modeling Portfolio) out of Michigan: Graphics, webdesign, photography, brand marketing and promotion. MK Online (Entertainemnt On-Line Magazine – out of business): Website design, graphics, market branding, photography, and writing. The S-Curves (Local event newspaper) out of Michigan: Website, market branding and graphics. Sunset Ridge Companies (Web hosting – out of business) out of Denver, Colorado: Website Design, graphics and market branding.